“We look at developing countries like they exist outside of our realities. From droughts, extreme weather conditions, disease, hunger, civil wars, resource scarcity…Could these realities be our ‘Looking Glass’ into what could be in the developed world, if we do not actively and collectively address the global issues that we all face today”
-Luxury For A Purpose -


Paris Agreement
The Paris Climate agreement, is set within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and aims to respond to our global climate change threat by keeping a global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.  The agreement calls out for the power of nature-specifically forests to reduce climate change and affirms the importance of ecosystems, biodiversity, and land use for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the to help communities and countries reduce risks and adapt to climate change impacts.

The WaterCrystal DROPS Strategy sets about contributing to a positive climate change for tomorrows children.


Corporate Responsibility & Environmental, Social, Governance
The WaterCrystal works to enhance and encourage conscious, sustainable and strong partnerships and investment opportunities worldwide.

We are committed to creating unique and innovative ways to strengthen profiles and portfolios that work together in harmony, all in order to accelerate our multifaceted approach to global development and positive change.

We bridge together the theory and practice of how corporations, brands and businesses can and ‘must’ work ‘As One’ in order to amend the current path of our Water Planet. It is of paramount importance to regard that every little we can do can bring about great change.