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Redefining the Purpose & Future of Luxury; whilst supporting Social & Environmental Goals Worldwide

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“It is a Purpose and Duty of us All to Protect Our Water Planet and all life that lives upon it. A more Loved World, is a more Sustainable and Nurtured Planet for our Future Generations”.

- Founder & Director - The WaterCrystal -


'Introducing the sentiment where we freely enjoy our luxuries whilst, serving a greater global purpose. Designed to immerse you in the World of Compassionate Luxury, The Healing Powers of Water & Positive Change'.

The WaterCrystal is the ‘Luxury For A Purpose’ brand that has been carefully designed to create events, products and services; which positively contribute towards fresh Water solutions and other social and environmental projects worldwide.  

The DROPS Strategy provides a global framework which encompasses the Five Focus Elements that are in great need of time, attention and collective action from us all.  Each route diligently leads to its own worldwide, sustainable and positive footprint.

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