Bilauri Deluxe

The Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Glassware Collection  showcases the unity of 'For Her & For Him’ whilst depicting the supreme and infinite 'Art of Water & Nature'.

Handcrafted by master-artisans, each delicate feature tells a story of reflection, time, precision and wisdom. The couple act with great purpose as Crystal Water vessels that house and pay homage to some of the most finest of Waters, champagnes and exotic tones and flavours from around the world.

Delicately engraved with the words ‘Bilauri Deluxe’ translating to luxury drinking glasses, our admiration focuses on the simple yet sleek design, contemporary silhouette and intricate finish of the unique pair. Designed and created to absolute perfection, with both displaying Eight Signature Droplets, their fine rims enhance the experience and pleasure of drinking from such a proud and sentimental piece. 

The Crystal creates both an ambience and a captivating story to be shared amongst each and every environment that welcomes its radiance. Compelling in design and presence, whilst nestled amongst fine backdrops of splendour and sophistication, the two politely draw our attention towards social and environmental causes worldwide.

Droplet Case 
Delivered to you in a ‘Droplet Case’ the Bilauri Deluxe Collection embraces the essence of life and luxury. Encased in smooth velvet, nestled amongst waves of ocean satin and with sheer brilliance, the blend between the two is flawless.

Water Gift To Life
20% from the direct sale/hire of the Bilauri Deluxe Collection; goes towards fresh Water solutions worldwide and Rainforest Protection.
- A Drop Today An Ocean Tomorrow -

Personalisation - Just for You
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Distinctive Style & Timeless Elegance

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The Bilauri Deluxe Cocktail Experience

Nature in a Crystal glass

We introduce the unique relationship and sensory sensation between the Crystal Glassware, Water & Nature. Captivate your senses and emotions in a world of Crystal brilliance; creativity and a deep LOVE for our world around us.

Launching our new campaign for Spring 2024 - The Sustainable Water Inspired Cocktails aim to ‘Change the way we view Water on our dining tables’.

20% from the direct sale of each Water cocktail goes towards Fresh & Safe Water Solutions and Rainforest Protection worldwide. 

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most compassionate of them all?’

Luxury For A Purpose

Luxury For A Purpose celebrates luxury; whilst highlighting and positively contributing towards global Water solutions and the planet as a whole. The shared ethos envisions that by working together with wealth and experiences we can compassionately create fairer and life-changing opportunities for all. (Coming Soon)