The Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Glassware Collection
Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Glassware

The Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Glassware Collection

Regular price £500.00

Bilauri Deluxe – ‘Droplet Case’. A Crystal feature piece with great purpose.  Delivered to you in a bespoke Droplet Case, the limited edition of 5,000 cases can be purchased from a small collection of exclusive locations worldwide.

20% from the direct sale/hire of the Bilauri Deluxe Collection goes towards fresh Water solutions worldwide.

Wedding/honeymoon Orders & Gifts. ‘How your Love can embrace the World’ 

Bilauri Deluxe is available to order for weddings and honeymoons.  Personalised Wedding Gift information is available upon request. 

Bilauri Deluxe – Locations
‘A statement of life, great experience and quality…’

Only available in 200 luxury locations worldwide.  Looking for new ways to dazzle and add intrigue to your environment? 

Email us at:    

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